[CD] drop E / emulsificación / descending

drop E / emulsificación / descending (de dicto 00)


1. drop E (9:00)*
2. emulsificación (42:16)
3. descending (15:30)**

本盤に収録された二つの作品、Drop Eとdescendingは表面的にはエレクトロニクスを伴う器楽作品だが、そもそも演奏会での実演を想定していない。独奏楽器のために録音専用の楽譜をいくつか書いて録音を行ない、その録音を用いてエレクトロアコースティック作品を作るという構想は、恐らく数年前から持っていた。




The two works on this album, “Drop E” and “descending”, are instrumental works with electronics objectively, but they did not intended to playing in a concert in the first place. The idea of writing several scores for the solo instrument for recording only, recording them, and using recordings to make electro-acoustic pieces has probably been around for a few years.

It should noted that this work conceived from the beginning as a “recording art” rather than a reproduction of already existing musical work. Just as a photograph is not a painting and a play is not a film, this is something different from the music played in a concert, even though it based on instrumental music. For example, the physical modelling of a piano is not a pastiche of real piano, but must be set up to be hard to apply to a real piano. Free from the constraints of live performance, the concept gained more freedom.

Takumi Ikeda, composition & electronics
Tomoki Tai, violoncello* & viola da gamba**

Released: 2020-05-17
Format: Audio CD (CD-DA)

℗&© 2020 Takumi Ikeda, All rights reserved.