Takumi Ikeda (b.1975) creates music and performs live using audio-programming language. He also plays improvisations without using computers, does performances without aiming to making any sound; and writes instrumental works using the idiom of contemporary music. Since 2001 he has been experimenting through many collaborations with contemporary dancers. From 2004 he joined in The Method Machine and made a wide range of interpretations of works of Hideki Nakazawa, Shigeru Matsui, Masahiro Miwa, Tomomi Adachi and Tom Johnson. Later, he took part in the Japan premiere of John Cage’s Variations VII as well as various works of American experimental music in the concert series organized by Tomomi Adachi. “Table Music” he premiered in 2009 (winner of the Excellence Award at the 4th AAC Sound Performance Dojo Competition) was intended to reexamine the notion of what is music and of what is its interpretation, which he continued on exploring. Ikeda has been collaborating with the filmmaker Kei Shichiri: in the screenings of “HOTTENTOT APRON – A Sketch” with live music, Ikeda played with other musicians to surprise the audience with very unique, unexpected interpretations every time; In the architecture film “DUBHOUSE: Material Experience 52”, he experimented to manipulate the sense of time through restructuring “St. Mathew’s Passion”. In 2013, He was chosen to be a composer of the residency program of Tambuco Percussion Ensemble, and he composed a new work “La Caverna (sin alegoría)” for them in Mexico. The premiere in Mexico City have earned a great reputation.

2009 Excellence Award at the AAC Sound Performance Dojo #4, Aichi Arts Center
for an audio/visual performance “Table Music”

Performances of the works of composers
2011 Variations VII (Japan Premiere) | John Cage
2009 Treatise and The Great Learning | Cornelius Cardew
2009 Stones from Prose Collection, Burdocks etc. | Christian Wolff

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