# Selected Compositions
2021 Vertex Array – Piano and Fixed media
commissioned and premiered by Masanobu Shinoda

2021 Borrowed Scenery – Male voice and Computer
commissioned and premiered by Takashi Matsudaira

2021 The Wug #2
Delimiter – Piano solo
Canon – Electric Guitar solo, with video score which embedded soundtrack
Duo – Guitar and Piano, with video-score
Trio – 3 Players, with video-score
premiered by Fumi Endo, Kokichi Yanagisawa and Takumi Ikeda

2020 par fumée – Trombone with 9-axis sensor module
commissioned and premiered by Kousei Murata

2020 Diapause egg #7 – solo or ensemble
premiered by Tomoki Tai, Takumi Ikeda, Masamichi Kinoshita and Akira Sakata

2017-2020 Diapause egg [for Akira Sakata] – Alto Saxophone or Clarinet
commissioned and premiered by Akira Sakata

2019 Halite – SATB Mixed Chorus
commissioned by Mixed Chorus KU

2019 Myzel – Drawing sound performer and optional co-performer
commissioned and premiered by Shiori Sasaki

2019 speculative – Viola solo
premiered by Marie Takahashi

2019 Two-way traffic – 2 Performers
premiered by Marie Takahashi and Takumi Ikeda

2019 Musical Procedures – Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Piano, Drums and Electronics
premiered by Claudio Puntin, Noriaki Mori, Stefan Schultze, Takefumi Kobayashi and Takumi Ikeda

2018 Hypersanity – Alto Saxophone and Computer
commissioned and premiered by Tokyo Gen’On Project

2018 Vague Objects – 12 Voices
commissioned and premiered by Vox humana

2017 Study for Narrow Space – Violoncello and Piano
premiered by Tomoki Tai and Masamichi Kinoshita

2017 Antílalos – Double Bass and Electronics
premiered by Yoji Sato

2017 Diffraction grating – Soprano and Organ
premiered by Masako Shindo and Minako Tsukatatani
[Sheet music is available]

2017 El disco de Odín – Electric Bass Guitar
commissioned and premiered by Gaku Yamada

2016 62832/20000 – 5 Electric Taishogotos
commissioned and premiered by Japan Electric Taishogoto Association

2016 Diagrams – A Set of Graphic notation
premiered by Yusuke Morishita, June 2020

2016 step into the same river – String Quartet
premiered by Yoshu Kamei vl, Yasutaka Hemmi vl, Takahiro Yasuda va, Tomoki Tai vc

2015 Grayscale – Shades of gray – Preludio per Piano
commissioned and premiered by Kumi Uchimoto

2014 ptshrd – Alto Saxophone, Tuba, Piano, Percussion and Electronics
commissioned and premiered by Tokyo Gen’On Project

2014 Kwagga – Trumpet and Electric Guitar
premiered by Kiyonori Sokabe and Gaku Yamada

2013 La Caverna (sin alegoría) – Percussion Quartet
commissioned and premiered by Tambuco Percussion Ensemble

2012 In Sync – 2 Players and co-performer(s) [rev. 2018]
commissioned and premiered by Ensemble for Experimental Music and Theater

2011 Closed Conduit – Violoncello and Piano
dedicated to Tomoki Tai and Masamichi Kinoshita

2011 Pearl on Ruby – Organ and Electronics
commissioned and premiered by Hiroaki Ooi

2003 WYSINWYCSWCS – Saxophone, Accordion and Double Bass
commissioned and premiered by POING

# Music for Films
2016 Music as Film – International Version
dir. Kei Shichiri

2014 Music as Film
dir. Kei Shichiri

2013- To the light (work in progress)
dir. Kei Shichiri

2012 Experience in Material No.52: DUBHOUSE
dir. Ryoji Suzuki & Kei Shichiri

2011 HOTTENTOT APRON – A Sketch / Sound Remix Version
music: Hidetoshi Takumi, Takumi Ikeda

dir. Kei Shichiri
music: Hidetoshi Takumi
(electronics, etc: Takumi Ikeda)

# Audiovisual Performance
2009 Table Music – Table, Webcam, Objects, openFrameworks and SuperCollider

# Computer Program
2016- LotusRoot – An assistance program for musical composition